You Can Forget the Filters Because Life At Spring Break FIJI Really Is as Incredible As It Looks

Spring Break Fiji Celebration

SpringBreak FIJI is a gold mine for Instagram lovers. Whether you’re a fully fledged Instagram influencer or simply enjoy sharing your view of the world through your lens, SpringBreak FIJI is where you need to be.

We are all aware by now that the majority of images that we see online are highly edited. So much so that the end image we see bears no similarities to what is actually there. Have you ever gone away for the weekend and walked into the hotel room to find it looking nothing like the photo? Or when you’ve cooked something amazing but it comes out looking nothing like it does on Pinterest? It’s the filters, the edits, the flat-lay, the professional photographer to worked for hours for the perfect shot. 

At Spring Break FIJI is there is no Instagram vs Reality. If there was there’d be memes about it by now, right?! This event really is as incredible as it looks. 

On the flip side, although Instagram filters can lure us into thinking things are better than they are, in our modern call-out culture you can’t get away with offering something that’s not legit. The Spring Break FIJI team are as straight up as they come; what you see is what you get…and that’s a hell of a lot. 

Check out this Spring Break FIJI video to see for yourself that there’s no smoke and mirrors here…well, a disco ball and some dry ice perhaps! 

Spring Break FIJI offers five days of sun, sea and partying in paradise. Spring breakers have their own private chartered island in the Pacific. It’s almost unbelievable. Spring Break FIJI flies out world-class DJs and delivers a jam-packed itinerary of parties and events in money can’t buy locations. All food, accommodation and flights are included in the package deal. All you have to do is turn up to the airport.

Here’s the clincher for Instagram addicts; the Spring Break FIJI creators have thought of everything. So that you can put your phone down and just soak in the sun and good vibes, they fly out an incredible team of photographers and videographers. So when the five days are up and you’re back at your desk you’ll have a bucket load of envy-inducing #content to share. But if you really must know, mobile data coverage and WiFi at Spring Break FIJI is reliable too, so if you really want to Instagram Live every last minute you can! Follow the SpringBreak FIJI Instagram account now!

Let it be said, when you’re at Spring Break FIJI forget the filters, just be you! Fiji is simply stunning and with you centre stage, it’ll be picture perfect; no edits needed. 

Published by Spring Break Fiji 2020

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